The design process

We can work with you at every stage of the process, from initial site visit and consultation to full design and appointment of a landscape contractor, to make your aspirations for your outside space a reality. We work with clients and contractors to achieve the highest building standards using the most practical and efficient methods. The process of a project may take one of many possible routes.The typical path is described here.

1  Initial consultation

The initial consultation is usually held on site. At the meeting Sheila will discuss your aspirations for your outside space and show you examples of her work. Following this meeting and site analysis, a written design brief is produced and sent to you together with a fee proposal. 

2  Site survey

A survey forms the basis of all design work. On small, level sites measurements will be carried out by ourselves. On larger or more complex sites, a surveyor will be instructed to produce a detailed land survey. In both cases we will conduct a photo survey as part of the site evaluation. 



3  Outline design

The outline design consists of a plan, perspectives and image moodboards to illustrate design intent. The plan acts as a discussion document and ideally is presented in person. This document conveys the design intention, but does not provide the detailed information required by a contractor to build the design

4  Design development

If there are amendments required, the plans are revised. During design development we will examine any possible planning implications and consult with specialists, such as structural engineers, arboriculturalists, and lighting and irrigation consultants, as required. We will also carry out product research and supply you with sample materials where possible



5  Detailed proposals

The final drawings, prepared in CAD, will show all the information that will be required by the contractors to build the project and will include: final masterplan; lighting and irrigation diagrams; planting plans; and detail drawings

6  Tender & construction

At this stage we provide a set of construction drawings to contractors tendering to do the work. We can also advise on selection of the contractor. Once a contractor has been appointed, we can oversee the work through to completion, organising and attending regular site meetings with the contractor to ensure that the design is built to specification, within budget and finished to the highest standard

8  Maintenance

A garden may take several years to mature. We can produce a maintenance schedule for you to follow and advise and assist in the on-going upkeep of your garden to ensure your new outside space reaches its full potential. If you would prefer professional help we can suggest expert maintenance teams